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Social Proof that Convert

Using the latest conversion tool will show your visitors that others have already taken action and that they can’t miss on a great deal.

Increase customer's trust

Reviews are the decision factor 80% of the time. Add your best reviews to your site and increase your customer’s trust in your product or services.

Promote 24/7

Flash sale promotion on your site can sky rocketed the possibilities to get more sales with the right message or offer at the right time and place.

​What else is included?

Some of our tools. We are adding more.

Social Proof

Create the hype and trust that your products or services need to sell more by letting visitors know that many others have already made the decision.

Flash Sales

Flash sale promotion on your site can sky rocketed the possibilities to create more sales with the right message or offer at the right time and place.


Build your brand reputation by displaying your most loyal customer's reviews and brand ambassadors opinions that never stop promoting your business.

Promote Your Videos

Share that shiny new video that demonstrates your new fresh product, or talks about your services that made a clear value proposition of your business.

Collect Emails

Every new email collected is a unique opportunity to grow your business by creating, nurturing, and building the relationship that ends up in more sales.

Social Media tools

Invite visitors to like your social media pages and set the right time and frequency. This is one of the best grow hack technique you can ever had.

Collect Feedback

Collect feedback and let know visitors that you care about their experience when visiting your site. This tool builds your brand reputation and grows confidence.

Conversion Counter

Numbers never lie. Show how many people have taken actions on your site, increasing the confidence and trust that helps convert better.

Cookies Notifications

You care about people's privacy. Let customers know that you care about their privacy by displaying a pop-up notification with a link to your privacy page.

What customers say

“I will keep it short. I am a result oriented manager in this business. Digital marketing industry was always competitive and I saw lots of social proof apps, especially at shopify store. I found Convertpromo as the best price/quality product in social proof area.”

David R.


My websites need users so I can keep shipping. I’ve looked some tools and came across with Convertpromo. I started to use the Starter plan. I kinda liked since I saw a slight increase in my signups so that’s enough for me. Yeap my story was like that 🙂 “

Raquel R.


The app does precisely as advertised – it has assisted in sales improvement as we have tested the store with & without the app. We are glad we have utilized Convertpromo as a tool to assist us in helping craft the social proof experience.

Oliver H.


We’re touching our customers with SO many types of creative in so many channels that we can’t effectively give credit to any one of them. Suffice it is to say, when we turn OFF Convertpromo, conversion typically drops… so we leave it ON!

James L.

We generated a $3k/mo SEO project from a user that signed up for our newsletter via Convertpromo. Plus a 25% increase in website visitors becoming newsletter subscribers, and 47% more chat interactions since installing Convertpromo.

Oscar M.

From the moment I installed Convertpromo I knew it was making an impact. Convertpromo without a doubt not only has the best customer service, those little notifications have instantly improved conversion across all funnels for every client of mine.

Samantha P.

This app is so easy to use it is ridiculous- yet very powerful in terms of all the customization. They have done an AMAZING job of with the UX/UI… it just works. You will not regret getting this app. If by any change the lifetime deal is still available you need to get it now.

Krystal M.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We work with any website. If you have any questions on how to install the script please contact us or check our knowledge base here.

Of course. On your dashboard you could see  your analytics for impressions, clicks, and more per tool. 

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. No contracts involved.

Is defined as the number of unique website visits by a single user on a 30-day basis. We count monthly unique visitors as people who have visited your website at least once in any given month.

Don’t worry. We will not upgrade your account just because of this. We will simply stop showing your notifications to new visitors until the next month or until you upgrade your plan.

At this moment we are offering a Lifetime deal for only $67 for the PRO plan. This means that you don’t have to pay any more monthly fees saving you hundreds of hundreds overtime. You will be able to upgrade to two additional lifetime deals for the Unlimited PRO and Unlimited White Label at a one-time at an affordable price. You can purchase the lifetime deal (if available) here.

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